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hello, I like art and music. I hope you like my stuff.

My name is Anil Sharma. I am a lifelong artist, photographer, and educator currently living in beautiful Vancouver BC, Canada.

My work has appeared in such publications as SPIN, TIME, and Entertainment Weekly. As someone who can’t play a musical instrument I indulge my love of music by specializing in concert photography. With an extensive background in art, design, and photography I am available for most of your creative needs.

Feel free to contact me about any of my work or availability of a particular image. If you just want to talk some music, if you are a band and you need some photos, or if you are a novice photographer looking for some advice I'd also love to hear from you.

interested in more of my work?

Check out my flickr and facebook accounts to view more more of my work and find out more about me, or go ahead and check out my blog!